Monday, February 22, 2010

A Closer Look at LinkedIn

In a world of budding social networking tools and innovations, it is often easy to overlook new additions to the already impressive line-up. I have dedicated my focus specifically to Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, and blogs, and have recently realized my lack of attention to the networking site, Linkedin. While I have been completely aware of the development of Linkedin and the usage among my peers, I have never once taken the time to review it myself. So my friends, I will dedicate this post to understanding the benefits of using Linkedin and review several tips for improved interaction on the site.

What is Linkedin? According to, the site has three main goals for users:
1. Re-connect
2. Power your career
3. Get answers

The masterminds behind this social networking site intend for users to be able to communicate with long lost friends, create career opportunities, network in their fields, and of course connect!

Much like other social networking sites, Linkedin offers users an option of connecting with other users on several different levels. Users can connect either on a personal or professional level through the use of this site. However, unlike sites like Facebook and Myspace that have a predominant focus on personal and social use, Linkedin focuses mainly of professional advancement.

The following tips are courtesy of Chris Brogan at

• First Impressions are important! Make sure your headline reflects who you are and should contain your current company.
• Make sure your summary reflects who you are. Lead with what you do most and the type of business that you want to do. Then explain in detail. Your summary should be written in the mindset of a prospective employer.
• Refresh your summary every two weeks.
• Make sure your past experience reflects your future goals. Make sure the functions listed in past experience would be useful for future positions.
• Ask for recommendations (but only from people who can vouch for your abilities).
• Review your profile as if you’re a prospective new boss
• Enter your blog’s RSS feed on the profile page
• Add a photo (find a good candid)
• Grow your network
• Keep looking at your profile as it applies to your future

To view Chris Brogan’s LinkedIn click here

To see the original list of tips go to here

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