Sunday, April 11, 2010

Apple iPad Sales Continue to Increase

Over the past few months there has been tremendous hype for the new Apple iPad. People all over the world have turned their attention and focus on Apple’s new creation and its introduction into the market. The iPad, which was made available in the U.S. on April 3rd, sold around 300,000 opening day. In addition, new iPad users were reported to have downloaded 1 million iPad applications and 250,000 e-books.

Since the first day of sales, iPad sales continue to flourish. At the April 8th Apple iPhone OS 4.0 press event, Steve Jobs announced the new sales and statistics for the iPad. Jobs reported that a total of 450,000 iPads had been sold since Saturday.

Jobs also reported the following statistics (found on

- Since the iPad launch on Saturday there have been 600,000 iBooks downloaded
- Over one million applications were downloaded to iPads on day one
- A total of 3.5 million applications have been downloaded to iPads since the launch
- There are now 3,500 iPad-specific applications available for download, with 185,000 total applications available across all devices
- Total app store downloads, across all platforms, have surpassed the 4 billion mark

So there you have it. Apple’s newest creation achieves success in a short amount of time. Although I believe this was expected by all. We are all intrigued to see what device Apple will launch next. What do you think? Will you invest in the new iPad? Why or why not?

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